Our waters are the heart of Spadel. We share an inherent connection with our natural resources and are responsible for safeguarding their future. With Source of Change® we make the commitment that in 2025, when you drink one of our local natural based products, it will be healthy for you and our planet, as well as fully circular.

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As a socially responsible company and the leader in the water category in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, SPA® has always been setting the industry standard for sustainable production and marketing of its products. Over the last years we have been very successful in reducing our CO2 footprint making important investment choices, like stopping 1-way glass, cans and bricks; light-weighting our packaging, minimizing export; using 100% green electricity. Today, we are proud to mention that we are a CO2 neutral company. On top, we are very engaged on driving awareness and commitments to reduce littering in our countries.

Our products Spa and Bru, coming from sources that are recognized as 100% natural mineral water, are the purest waters in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. For us the health of our consumers and of the nature are essential in everything we do. Therefore, we are taking the lead engaging our key stakeholders to come as soon as possible to a full circular packaging economy, i.e., 100% collection and 100% re-using of our materials.

More can be read in our Source of Change® initiative where you can discover how SPA® fully endorses the sustainable packaging strategy and its 10 commitments for 2025.

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Bart Peeters
Bart Peeters
Country director SPA and BRU
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Whether you’re an expert, a scientist, a journalist, a private individual or any other stakeholder, you too can join the Source of Change®.

Source of Change® is our commitment to accelerate SPA’s transition towards a circular economy.  Together with our employees, our partners, our customers and our stakeholders, we look forward to meeting all of our sustainability commitments.