DEVIN spreading B Corp message in Bulgaria

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Along with the rest of the Spadel brands, DEVIN became a B Corp in 2022. As one of only three B Corps in Bulgaria, it has since then been playing an active role to promote B Corp and to inspire other companies to act as a force for good.

We are all interdependent

For DEVIN, becoming part of the B Corp community was a logical step, as Borislava Nalbantova, General Manager DEVIN, explains. “We joined the B Corp movement because Devin's mission aligns with the values of this community. At Devin, we connect people and nature for a healthier lifestyle – today and tomorrow.”

Recognising its responsibility to create good for all through activities and actions is engrained in the company, she continues. “We realise clearly that we are all interdependent, which makes us responsible to each other and future generations. As a business, we understand that we can and should be part of the transformation. Caring about people, society, and the planet is in our DNA.”

Creating B Corp momentum

Apart from improving its own sustainability performance, transforming business also means actively promoting the B Corp movement among peers. Something DEVIN took to heart in the past year, as the following examples illustrate.

On World Water Day (March 23) and the first anniversary as a B Corp company, DEVIN created an information wall designed to introduce students at the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" to the sustainable business model that is part of the philosophy of B Corp. During the event, the B Corp movement and good practices were presented to students, the Bulgarian association of CSR professionals and guests.

DEVIN took part in the "Green Transition" forum organized by, which gathers leading experts and representatives from various sectors to discuss trends and challenges in the green transition.

DEVIN representatives appeared as speakers at other events such as the Job Fair of the Bulgarian Network of UN Global Compact and at the ESG Training for United Bulgarian Bank stakeholders (KBC Bulgaria).

In June 2023, Devin was one of the organisors of the first B Corp Café in Bulgaria. At this event, B Corp-certified businesses like DEVIN pass on their experience as B Corp and inspire other businesses who are considering joining the B Corp community.

Devin continued in 2024 with the release of a Bulgarian translation of the B Corp Handbook (The B Corp Handbook: How You Can Use Business as a Force for Good; by Ryan Honeyman and Tiffany Jana) with a foreword from DEVIN’s General Manager. The book was presented at the second edition of the B Corp Café in Sofia in January 2024 and shared with peers and students.

A major next milestone will be the B Corp re-certification of not only DEVIN but all of Spadel brands, which will take place in the first half of 2025.

Borislava Nalbantova, General Manager Devin: In 2022, Devin was able to meet the comprehensive criteria and was awarded the B Corp certification. For us, this means receiving independent feedback and recognition that we are a leader in sustainability, not only in our sector but in Bulgarian business in general, as there are still very few certified B Corps in our country. By becoming part of B Corp, we realize our responsibility that we must continue creating good for all through our activities and actions.

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