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Spa Monopole and Domaine de Bérinzenne Renew Partnership for a Decade

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Spa Monopole and the Domaine de Bérinzenne recently renewed their partnership for an additional ten years. This milestone was marked by an official ceremony, where both parties celebrated the achievements since their initial agreement in 1995. Over the years, Spa Monopole has invested more than €2 million in initiatives aimed at preserving nature, biodiversity, and raising public awareness about environmental protection and water conservation.

Investing in Nature and Education

In the new agreement, Spa Monople plans to invest a further €1 million to support the Domaine de Bérinzenne, a non-profit association located in Spa. This collaboration focuses on two critical areas:

Preserving Natural Environments: Enhancing the conservation of the precious natural landscapes surrounding the Fagne de Malchamps. This unique ecosystem harbors remarkable biodiversity, and efforts are directed towards safeguarding it for future generations.

Educational Initiatives: Set up educational programs centered around “water” and “nature.” These initiatives include protecting Natura 2000 sites, particularly the Fagne de Malchamps, and groundwater resources, specifically natural mineral waters. By fostering awareness and understanding, they empower visitors to appreciate and protect the environment.

’I am particularly pleased that our agreement with the Domaine de Bérinzenne has been extended for a further ten years because the work we have been doing together for several years is bearing fruit’, points out Marc du Bois, Spadel's CEO, who signed the agreement on behalf of Spa Monopole. ’Thanks to the work of our two teams, we have implemented measures to restore and protect the environment and water resources. And we have also created effective tools to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and managing water resources responsibly and sustainably.’

Educational Tools and Accessible Spaces

To achieve their goals, Spa Monopole and Domaine de Bérinzenne employ various educational tools:

Musée de la Forêt et des Eaux: This museum provides valuable insights into the forest and water ecosystems, encouraging visitors to connect with nature.

CRIE (Centre Régional d’Initiation à l’Environnement): The educational team at CRIE develops targeted activities, engaging visitors in hands-on learning experiences related to environmental conservation.

The Bérinzenne estate, situated on the edge of the Fagne de Malchamps, offers freely accessible areas to the public. Visitors can explore several educational trails, enjoy the wooded park with its pond, and relax in designated picnic areas.

Towards positive impact

The continuation of the partnership fits perfectly with Spadel’s purpose, which is to ‘Connect people and nature, for a healthier life, today and tomorrow.’ It also plays an important role in the Group’s ambition to become biodiversity positive by 2030.

’The Fagne de Malchamps is an exceptional place to introduce young people to the environment, and is a constant source of wonder for our visitors’, says Etienne Grisard, Chairman of the Domaine de Bérinzenne non-profit association. ’Our mission is very broad, always focused on the environment and the protection of nature, with of course an important place for natural mineral water, given that the adjoining fagne de Malchamps is the most important protected area contributing to the constitution of Spa's natural mineral waters. We also appreciate Spa Monopole's involvement in the development of the Musée de la Forêt et des Eaux, and we would like to thank the Spadel group for the interest it has shown in the association since it was founded.’

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