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Helping a Hand During Positive Impact Day

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One of our most cherished values at Spadel is "Creating Positive Impact." And what better way to do this than to volunteer at organisations in the communities we serve?

From One Citizen Day…

Ever since we first introduced the One Citizen Day at Spadel Belgium in 2017 we have experienced the many benefits of volunteering firsthand.

Not only it takes us out of our day-to-day roles and lets us connect with our colleagues in new and often surprising ways. It also brings alive our sustainability ambitions for every employee.

But most importantly it brings concrete, hands-on support to local organisations and those in need.

… to Positive Impact Day

Reflecting our new values and B Corp thinking, the One Citizen day was rebranded this year to the Positive Impact Day.

The purpose remains the same: whether it’s participating in environmental initiatives, supporting social programs, or any other project that aims to create positive change, each employee is encouraged to choose a cause close to their heart and dedicate this day to making a difference.

Multiple causes in different locations

For the first time, initiatives were organized over several days in the different markets we are active, allowing for as many people as possible to participate.

In Belgium & The Netherlands we teamed up with Hu-Bu (Human Business), which connects the non-profit community and corporate world to build together a more inclusive society and circular economy. Spadel employees worked in 16 different NGOs, ranging from a children’s farm over rooftop isolation to an elderly home.

In France, we chose to do our Positive Impact Day at the occasion of the ‘Journée au Vert’, on September 28th to which all our Carola and Wattwiller personnel (white and blue collars as well as our salespeople on the road) were invited.

The Positive Impact Day is an important contribution to our 5% net profit back to society target. This year, a very satisfying 264 colleagues participated in total. A number we will seek to increase in 2024 when we also plan to include our colleagues in the factories for the first time!

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