We want to meet the global plastics challenge head on
and help restore our planet to its natural self
by fighting litter on sea and on land.

promote zero-littering

By 2022 all our brands will carry a zero-litter message across all markets and channels, including packaging.

We cannot achieve the circular economy alone. We need our customers and consumers to help us collect our bottles and to avoid them ending up as litter. We will look at innovative ways to work together towards zero litter.

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Illustration promote zero-littering

Illustration prevention and cleanup partnerships

prevention and cleanup partnerships

We develop strategic partnerships with organisations in each of our markets to prevent and combat litter on sea and on land.

There’s no denying the global challenges created by human consumption. And the plastic soup choking our rivers and oceans is perhaps the most concerning of all. We feel a strong sense of responsibility for the health of our planet and are aiming to develop partnerships at three levels. At the global level to help clean our oceans. At a national level to work with local organisations in each of our markets. And at the bottling sites level to aim for a pure, local environment.

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Let’s build a better
future together

We can't do it alone. We believe in co-creation, knowledge sharing and the power of the community. If you have an idea that will help us revolutionise consumer goods, then join the Source of Change!

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