Our commitment for 2025? To bring you 100% recyclable
and 100% recycled packaging thanks to 100% collection
rates and close partnerships in the industry.

100% recyclable and 100% recycled

All of our packaging materials will be 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025. It will also contain 100% reused or recycled material by 2025. Taking into account that this is conditional on the quality of materials, we foresee to include at least 30% reused and recycled content in all packaging by 2022.

At present – taking all packaging, including films into account – at least 95% of our packaging is recyclable. We’re striving towards closing the loop by using recycled materials from the start, without compromising on quality, with the ultimate aim to stop using virgin materials altogether.

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100% collection

We will be collecting 100% of the packaging we bring onto the market by 2025.

As part of this engagement, we will start pilot projects with incentive schemes to reduce litter in out-of-home markets by 2022, with a view to scale up by 2025. We will be a partner to public authorities, customers and our sector to optimise collection, extended producer responsibility (EPR), including deposit return schemes (DRS).

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increase quality of recycled materials

In order to use 100% recycled or reused materials by 2025, we are working with the recycling sector and other partners to innovate on recycling and improve the quality of recycled materials.

By 2022 we will initiate a quality assurance process in the recycling sector, including pilot projects with recycling companies and sector peers that share our ambition to improve and ensure high quality of recycled materials.

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