Spadel goes Wild about Zero Waste with “Zéro Déchets Sauvages”

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Spadel partners with the municipalities of Spa and Stoumont

At Spadel we are wild about the beauty of our natural environment and especially the waters it gives us. And so when we spot a flyaway piece of litter, it cuts us to the core.

“Keeping nature pure and intact is part of our DNA at Bru® and SPA® because only a truly natural environment can provide us with natural mineral water of the highest purity. Every piece of litter on the street or in nature is one too many,” says Marc du Bois, Managing Director of Spadel. “We want to put concrete actions in place that will help change behaviour in the long term.”

The purpose of this campaign is to fight litter and raise public awareness of the importance of sorting and recycling waste. After all, with our Source of Change® strategy we want to work towards achieving a circular economy. And so, Spadel has  partnered up with the municipalities of Spa and Stoumont. Over the course of 2020 an entire series of actions will be rolled out to help combat litter and change mindsets. “We hope this partnership will contribute to a more sustainable world and will be a source of inspiration for other municipalities and companies,” adds Marc. This of course is on top of our other partnerships, such as those with the SeaCleaners and IVN Natuureducatie.

“Zéro Déchets Sauvages” is based on a strong visual concept and centres around a number of very specific actions. It aims to create lasting changes in behaviour such as stopping litter in the streets, countryside and forests, promoting better recycling outside the home thanks to improved sorting, and encourages everyone to take responsibility for the cleanliness of the environment. The actions that will be rolled out over the coming year are based on the real needs of the two municipalities and include:

  • Educational campaigns within schools in collaboration with GoodPlanet aim to help schools achieve a “Cleaner School” label, a concept that has been developed on a large scale in Wallonia by the non-profit organisation Be WaPP. Personalised support will be based on audits and the creation of an action plan, games, re-appropriation of public space and unifying events that help create links between schools.
  • Be WaPP also ordered a local cleanliness plan to analyse the various problems so that more specific measures and actions could be developed.
  • Various awareness events will be integrated into major public events. Artists are set to demonstrate the importance of sorting and zero-litter, through humour or provocation. Additionally, Spadel will equip several environmental ambassadors in support of Be WaPP’s programme.
  • Four waste collection kits will be made available to walkers’ clubs, sports clubs, etc. to help promote “Cleaner Walks” and litter-picking days in Spa municipality. Stoumont is set to receive three such kits.
  • Innovative machines will be trialled at various places and events in the municipalities that aim to stimulate the collection and sorting of drinks packaging.

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