Wattwiller introduces attached cap to help prevent litter and boost recycling

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French brand Wattwiller takes another important step towards a circular economy for PET bottles as it introduces attached caps. The other brands of the Spadel group will follow in the beginning of 2024.

Transitioning towards a circular economy

Bottle tops are a source of pollution, as they are easy to drop and lose once opened. They not only end up as litter in nature but valuable, recyclable, materials are lost as well.

A tethered cap is connected to the bottle or milk carton by an extra plastic ‘link’. This ensures you don’t accidentally lose the cap, creating litter, and that it is recycled along with the bottle.

Our article Opportunities and Innovations previously highlighted the different challenges to develop a solution that is user-friendly, does not lead to a higher plastic footprint, and limits disruption in production lines.

Wattwiller’s iconic ‘flower’ cap first to make the switch

In the spring of this year, our French natural mineral water brand Wattwiller introduced the attached cap in its entire range.

By shortening the neck of the bottle and associated plastic reduction, we were able to more than offset the increase in plastic due the attached cap. Thus, the new cap is not only user friendly thanks to its flower design, it also reduces the use of plastic and increases collection and recycling.

The attached cap is another illustration of Wattwiller’s leading sustainability efforts, as recognised by the B Corp, PME+ and AWS (sustainable water management) labels, and the recent introduction of the 5L Eco Pack.

The introduction of the attached cap to other Spadel brands will follow in the first half of 2024.

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