Spadel Introduces new 10-Litre and 5-Litre Eco Packs, Expanding Sustainable Packaging Range

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Following the success of our 5-litre Eco Pack for SPA Reine, Spadel is going a step further by launching a 10-litre Eco Pack. Additionally, Spadel brings the Eco Pack to France, introducing the 5-Litre format for Wattwiller. Combining a drastically lower carbon and plastic footprint, Eco Packs confirm Spadel’s commitment to become a positive impact company.

Eco Pack Revolutionizes Consumer Habits

In just a few months, the 5-litre SPA Reine natural mineral water Eco Pack has seamlessly integrated into consumers' routines, alongside plastic bottles and returnable glass bottles.

Earning the title of Product of the Year (NL / FR), nearly 2 million 5-litre Eco Packs were sold in the Benelux region within a year. This success not only rekindled interest among loyal SPA Reine customers but also attracted a significant number of new consumers.

Environmentally Friendly and Practical

The key to the Eco Pack's appeal lies in its commitment to the environment. In comparison to a pack of 6 plastic bottles, the 5-litre Eco Pack reduces plastic usage by 65% per liter of water, while its carbon footprint is nearly 40% lower than a case of 6 returnable glass bottles.

Over the course of a year, the initiative has allowed Spadel to reduce its plastic footprint by 167 tonnes. Additionally, the Eco Pack is 100% recyclable. The cardboard box, which contains 90% recycled fibres, can be flattened and goes into the paper and card recycling.

10-Litre Eco Pack: A Further Leap Towards Sustainability

Building on this success , Spadel is now introducing the 10-litre Eco Pack for SPA Reine. The 10-litre Eco Pack surpasses its smaller counterpart by achieving a 70% reduction in plastic compared to a pack of six 1.5-litre plastic bottles, and a 76% reduction compared to a pack of six 1-litre plastic bottles.

5-Litre Eco Pack for Wattwiller

In an exciting development, the Eco Pack also made its debut in the French market through Wattwiller natural mineral water, one of Spadel Group's French brands. The 5L format represents a significant new milestone for Wattwiller, and is a another step towards circular packaging.

“I’m particularly pleased with the successful launch of the Eco Pack, as it demonstrates the extent to which SPA Reine is a leader that manages to constantly reinvent itself to adapt to the changing expectations of our consumers,” emphasises Marc du Bois, CEO of the Spadel Group. “We are therefore determined to continue along this same path, which is fully consistent with the Spadel Group’s desire to be a company with a positive impact on society and the environment. By launching the 10-litre Eco Pack for SPA Reine and by launching this new packaging on the French market thanks to Wattwiller, Spadel wants to continue to play its pioneering role in sustainable packaging and reduction of plastic.”

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