SPA REINE Launches New Eco Pack

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SPA continues its summer of innovation with the introduction of the new SPA Reine Eco Pack. This 5-litre container is 100% recyclable and results in a 65% plastic footprint reduction as well as a nearly 40% reduction in the carbon footprint.

Consumers are increasingly considerate of their ecological footprint and our new large format meets these concerns head-on. With some 21% of Belgian and 15% of Dutch consumers making daily efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce, the introduction of the Eco Pack is an important step forward for SPA.

Compared to a pack of 6 plastic bottles, the Eco Pack reduces the amount of plastic by 65% per litre of water. Its carbon footprint is nearly 40% lower per litre of water than a crate of 6 returnable glass bottles.

Additionally, the Eco Pack is 100% recyclable: simply take the empty bag out of the box and throw it in the blue bag with the other drinks cartons, plastic and metal packaging for recycling. The cardboard box, which contains 90% recycled fibres, can be flattened go into the paper and card recycling bin.

Following Spadel’s recent B Corp certification this innovation is another important testament to Spadel’s commitment to become a positive impact company.

Investing in Packaging Commitments

As well as being eco-friendly and practical, the Eco Pack also guarantees the safety and purity of the natural mineral water it contains. This was an absolute priority for Spadel when designing the new packaging in collaboration with our partners DS Smith Packaging and Smurfit Kappa. To install the new production line, Spadel has invested €2.6 million in its Spa Monopole factory.

The introduction of the Eco Pack follows SPA Reine’s 12% plastic footprint reduction earlier this year and puts us on track to achieve our plastic reduction goal 2025. The associated carbon reduction in turn contributes towards our carbon neutral from source to consumer status and Science Based Targets goals.

‘Innovation is truly part of Spadel’s DNA. In a fast-changing environment, it is necessary to constantly adapt our products to consumer trends,’ emphasises Marc du Bois, CEO of the Spadel group. ‘Thanks to the 5-litre Eco Pack, we can continue to provide the purest and healthiest water to the very many consumers who love SPA Reine, while continuing our relentless efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Spadel is fully aware of the impact of packaging on the environment and wishes to play a leading role in reducing this impact. I am also pleased to see that the efforts made over recent years are bearing fruit. Despite a 21% increase in volume since 2010, our absolute carbon footprint has actually decreased by 15% over the same period.’

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