New Spa Reine bottle reduces plastic by another 12%

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SPA natural mineral water is bottled with the greatest respect for people and the environment. Reducing the weight of the bottles has long been a point of attention. Now, the new SPA Reine 1.5L bottle contains 12% less PET. Since 1971, the weight of a plastic SPA Reine 1.5L bottle has already been reduced by 53%.

Target achieved

In 2019 Spadel launched 10 packaging commitments around 4 key drivers: Reinvent, Reduce, Recycle and Restore. Its aim? To accelerate our transition towards a circular economy.

Within the Reduce pillar, we are aiming for -15% of our single use plastic footprint by 2025 and have an intermediary target of -5% by 2022.

We are happy to have achieved this intermediary target ahead of schedule. The new SPA Reine 1.5L bottle, now in the shelves, played an important role in this. With a weight of 24g, the new bottle is 12% lighter than the previous version. This leads to a reduction of approximately 385 tons of plastic per year.

As was already the case with the previous bottle, the labels are printed with vegetable ink and sourced from FSC paper. The bottle is also 100% recyclable.

“ The new 1.5L SPA Reine bottle marks an important step in our commitment to reduce our plastic footprint. We will continue our innovation towards sustainable packaging and will announce new initiatives soon.” – Bart Peeters, General Manager BeNeLux

Global Commitment 2021 Progress Report

This information, and more on Spadel’s volumes and initiatives, can be found in the 2021 Progress Report of the Global Commitment. This third annual progress report reveals that:

• After decades of growth, virgin plastic use appears to have peaked for Global Commitment brands and retailers and is set to fall faster by 2025.

• Progress has largely been driven by recycling, but that is not enough to solve plastic pollution – much more focus is urgently needed on eliminating single-use packaging.

• A large number of businesses and countries are supportive of a global agreement on plastic pollution, recognising voluntary initiatives alone will not be enough.

Apart from these main conclusions a Sector Insight zooms in on trends and data in the beverage sector.

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