Spadel Aims to Become Biodiversity Positive by 2050

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Spadel has long held a pioneering role in environmental protection. Preserving and restoring biodiversity around our water catchment areas has always come naturally to us. Today, we take things even further with a newly refined biodiversity KPI.

COP15 on Biodiversity

December 2022 saw the UN Biodiversity Conference take place with governments from around the world agreeing on new goals for nature, much like the Paris Agreement on carbon reduction. Although the two are closely linked, biodiversity has not received as much attention as global warming. However, the world is waking up to the fact that the biodiversity crisis poses an even bigger challenge than the climate crisis.

The COP15 Conference created a post-2020 framework which sets out an ambitious plan to transform society’s relationship with biodiversity. The aim is to ensure that, by 2050, we will live in harmony with nature. Recognising that businesses play an important role in realising this vision, Spadel joined hundreds of others in signing the Make it Mandatory campaign in the run-up to COP15.

Applying Latest Insights

In 2021 we calculated that thanks to efforts over various decades, Spa Monopole was biodiversity positive. A result that didn’t go unnoticed and for which we received the Belgian Business Award for the Environment.

However, research into biodiversity accounting and improvement is evolving fast. That’s why we decided to refine the biodiversity objective for Spadel.

Photographer: © Franck Renard

Starting from the baseline year 2023, we are aiming to be biodiversity positive in 2050, not only for the Spadel sites (Bulgaria, France, Belgium) but also for the impacts in our entire value chain.

Concretely, we will set up one biodiversity program per country by 2025.

We are also working on calculating our negative impact with high accuracy, starting with our sites but later expanding to the value chain

Committed to playing a leading role in Biodiversity, Spadel will continue to monitor and apply latest insights to its biodiversity approach. So stay tuned for more updates.

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