SPA® nominated for Belgian Business Awards for the Environment

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Every two years, the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB/VBO) organizes the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment (BBAEs). The aim is to highlight companies that successfully link innovation and economic feasibility to environmental protection. SPA is very proud to be one of the nominees for its project ‘Spa site biodiversity positive’.

Nature protection and restoration key to Spadel

Our natural mineral water goes straight from the source into the bottle, without treatment. Protecting and restoring the environment and biodiversity in the water catchment areas is thus a crucial component of Spadel’s business. Building on decades of initiatives we commit in our CSR Strategy to making all sites biodiversity positive by 2025. A goal we already achieved for the Spa site in 2021.

10 nominees over 5 categories

The BBAEs reward ecologically innovative practices, processes, and products from all sectors that contribute to the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy by reducing the environmental impact of our production and consumption, thereby allowing our natural resources to be used more efficiently and wisely.

The Awards are divided into five categories: Management, Products & Services, Processes, Cooperation with developing countries, and finally Business & Biodiversity. As usual, the Young Talent Award accolades young entrepreneurs.

SPA is one of ten nominees for its ‘Spa site biodiversity positive’ project. A presentation of the 9 other nominees can be found on the BBAE website:

  • BC Materials
  • Bright energy, in collaboration with Ten-Agency
  • Coastbusters consortium (DEME, JDN, Sioen Industries, VLIZ, ILVO)
  • EconCore
  • Fost Plus
  • Galler Chocolaterie indépendante
  • Elements
  • Too Good To Go
  • Watt4Ever

Of course, we are very proud to be nominated.

‘With our participation, we want to show that a company can have a positive impact on nature. By inspiring other organizations we hope more of them will develop their action plan and contribute positively to this hugely important topic.’ – CEO SPADEL, Marc du Bois

The online award ceremony of the 2021-2022 edition will take place on March 14, 2022.

A short presentation video of each nominee’s project is shown on the business channel Kanaal Z/Canal Z. Below, you can find ours.

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