Jill Peeters on Biodiversity

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In November 2021, Spa Monopole celebrated its 100 years. At the same time, the Spa site was able to announce it is biodiversity positive. Spadel organized a Round Table on Biodiversity to celebrate these important milestones in attendance of her Majesty the King and Queen of Belgium. Jill Peeters was one of the participants and happily shared her view on biodiversity.

Jill Peeters is a meteorologist known in Belgium as 'The weather woman'. For almost 20 years, she hosted the weather for DPG media. As a weather forecaster, she transformed into a climate woman and became a pioneer in creating impactful climate communications. She authored several books on weather and climate, and she has also produced TV programs for a broad audience.

She is a welcome guest in the media and at meetings or debates about climate awareness and sustainability. In 2021 she made a successful five-part TV series on climate and biodiversity named 'Wat houdt ons tegen?' ('What stops us?'). That aired on Canvas in 2021.

Jill was one of the participants at the Round Table on Biodiversity, in attendance of the Belgian King and Queen, to celebrate 100 years of Spa Monopole in November 2021. We asked her to share her views on the biodiversity challenge and on the Spa site's achievement of being biodiversity positive.

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