All Spadel sites are ‘A Great Place to Work©’

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Spadel wants to be an attractive employer where people like to work. The Great Place to Work© philosophy and tools guide us in this ambition. After Spadel France in 2018 now, for the 1st time, all Spadel entities are Great Place to Work© certified.

At its core, a Great Place to Work© is about the level of trust that employees experience in the company's leadership, the joy they find in working together, and pride in their job.

“Spadel offers me lots of opportunities to develop myself to a higher level. Additionally, I can always be 100% honest as I know any discussions will take place in a healthy, constructive manner.” – Spadel Employee Survey

Achieving the Great Place to Work® Certification at all sites is an important goal of Spadel’s CSR Strategy. The certification process looks at organisations through two lenses. The first is the 'Trust Index': a rating based on a five pillar employee survey on Credibility, Respect, Pride, Camaraderie and Fairness. The second is a 'Culture Brief', which screens our general HR approach.

All results up from 2018: pride stands out

In 2018, the last time we organized the survey, only Spadel France achieved the Great Place to Work certification. Now all 4 entities (Belgium, Bulgaria, France and The Netherlands) were certified for the 1st time.

In general the scores went up for all 5 dimensions since our last survey in 2018. Spadel employees feel strongest about the ‘pride’ dimension. The ‘credibility’ and ‘respect’ dimensions achieved the most positive growth since 2018. The lowest scoring dimension offering the most room for improvement is ‘camaraderie’. No doubt the Covid conditions impacted this score.

“I love working for Spadel. You can really tell it's a family-run business and this has only intensified since the Corona crisis. Management goes above and beyond for us in these uncertain times, which I really appreciate! The weekly meetings mean we feel involved in the company, nobody feels left out, which is a great feeling.” – Spadel Employee Survey

Next steps

Improving on this great result and maintaining the certification are the logical next steps. Employees and manager will jointly build the action plans which will make Spadel an even better place to work.

I am very proud of this award because Great Place to Work is not only an achievement; it is also a strategic project for Spadel. It is a great opportunity to listen to the voice of our employees. Secondly, it is a drive to improve our employee satisfaction and their workplace. And finally, it is a commitment we made in our new CSR-Strategy. So I can only congratulate everyone in Spadel that is making it a great place to work! – Marc du Bois, CEO Spadel

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