100% rPET, the future of Spadel bottles

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BRU is the first brand in the Spadel Group to adopt the 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic bottle, also known as rPET. This is an important step towards a circular economy and contributes to Spadel’s objective to reduce its carbon emissions by 42% in 2030. Other brands and formats will also switch to 100% recycled plastic later this year.

While a European directive requires that bottles marketed in the European Union must contain at least 25% recycled plastic by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030, Spadel decided to achieve these objectives much more quickly. As part of its sustainable packaging strategy, Spadel aims to switch to 100% rPET packaging for all the Group's brands by 2025. The transition to 100% recycled plastic will contribute to the overall objective of – 42% carbon emissions for the Group by 2025.

The different brands of the Spadel Group each have their timeline for adopting towards 100% recycled plastic bottles. After BRU, the Spa Touch range of flavoured waters, particularly popular with consumers, will switch to 100% rPET from September 2021. The other lemonades and waters of the Spa brand will follow from 2022. In France, the Wattwiller brand will launch its first 100% rPET bottles from September 2021 (small 50-centilitre water bottles), while all of the Wattwiller and Carola brand products have the target of achieving 100% rPET by 2025. The same goes for Bulgaria, where Devin brand bottles will contain 100% rPET by 2025.

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