IVN and Spa make waste separation attractive through a smart collection system

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The smart collection system The Loop was festively unveiled at Isendoorn College on April 20th. The unveiling was as part of an educational collaboration project between IVN Nature Education, The Loop, Isendoorn College and Spadel. By separately collecting empty cans and bottles, students of Isendoorn College can save for goodies with a special app. Harry Matser, Alderman of Energy and Climate has handed in the first empty bottle to open the collection device.

Photo: Alderman Harry Matser opens the machine by handing in the first empty bottle. (photo: Bas van Lith)

The collection device of The Loop stimulates students to properly separate their waste and is part of the education program "IVN Jongeren Adviesbureau" of IVN Nature Education. In this educational program, young people researched the problem surrounding plastic waste, learned more about the importance of separate collection and came up with solutions for the amount of litter in the area.

Sanna Van Doorn, CSR & Corporate Affairs Officer: “Our ambition is to collect all the bottles that we put on the market by 2025, so that our bottles do not end up as litter in nature and we can reuse the material to make new packaging. This project with IVN Nature Education and The Loop is a great way to generate awareness for this among young people”

Photo: Jordy Modderkolk and Lonneke van Veluw test the device. (photo: Arjan Gotink)

In addition, the students were challenged with the creation of a sticker design for the machine and to come up with various "challenges". "With these challenges, which can be implemented via The Loop app, they get fellow students to actively think about the importance of waste separation and the prevention of litter.", Says Bas van Lith, Jr. Project leader at IVN Nature Education.

The Loop

By handing in bottles and cans via the collection device and carrying out assignments via the app, students can save points. They can then redeem these points in the Isendoorn College canteen for multiple products, such as a healthy sandwich or a piece of fruit.

Maarten Tromp, initiator of The Loop: "With The Loop, we want to make students aware of the problems surrounding litter in a sympathetic way and immediately offer a concrete solution with which they can make their own contribution."

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