March 10, 2021

Marc du Bois on climate neutrality and joining BACA (video)

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Spadel joined the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, or BACA, as we take our climate responsibility seriously. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges our society faces. Global warming is underway and gathering pace. We already see the results of our changing climate. Aiming for CO2 neutrality and not transferring its impact to future generations is the only way to fully assume our responsibility in this regard.

We accepted the challenge ten years ago, in 2010, when we decided to achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2020. We set that goal without knowing how to reach it. The fact that we are now the first group of natural mineral water in Europe to achieve full carbon neutrality across the entire Spadel value chain means we have kept our promise.

Focusing on your climate responsibilities is a clear and growing expectation from our consumers, as our recent research in the Benelux showed: about 50% see carbon neutrality for a company as essential, and although it is a shared responsibility consumers expect companies to lead.

We believe that we cannot find solutions for today’s climate challenges alone. Working with, and learning from, stakeholders is crucial if we want to transition to a zero carbon society. So we are looking forward to share our experiences, inspire and learn from other organisations within the BACA community.

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