Eat local. Drink local.

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As we are confronted with the undeniable impact of human behaviour on our planet, the call to buy local is becoming increasingly louder. After all, eating vegetables when they are in season makes so much more sense than flying produce halfway around the world. It's one of the basic principles that lie at the heart of sustainable procurement. It's also why Spadel leverages the power of the supply chain to accelerate sustainability. Or to put it in simpler terms: we source and sell our products locally.

BRU® is the first of our brands to emphasise the local nature of our procurement policy with their brand new 'Eat local. Drink local." campaign. Because by consuming locally, you reduce your ecological footprint, as well as support the local economy. Despite the fact that 75% of the Belgian consumers already prefer food products made domestically, and 40% of Belgians realise that buying locally is good for the environment, this  doesn't always translate into in their mineral water consumption.*

We are leveraging the supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint

"By responding to a strong social trend – the rise of the "Eat Local" movement – BRU® is the very first brand that makes Belgians aware of the need to drink locally as well," says Charlotte Giroud, Marketing Manager at BRU®. "It's a crystal clear message to consumers: BRU®, as a local natural bubbly mineral water, exports its water not far from her source. With this campaign we want to create more awareness around the need to consume locally."

Encouraging our consumers to buy 'local' isn't just following a trend.  It reflects our own procurement policy. We source our materials from suppliers located within a 500km radius of our production sites. By sourcing our materials locally, we minimise the food miles – and corresponding carbon footprint – needed for our product to reach your table. Something we wholeheartedly believe in.

In 2019, 90% of our raw material suppliers were located within this 500km radius. Additionally, 100% of our activities are carried out in Europe in accordance with strict laws with regards to child labour, working hours and fair wages, health and safety, and more. After all, the longer the supply chain, the more inherent the risk that these regulations aren't met. You can follow our progress towards this and our other 2020 sustainability goals on our dedicated site.

*Research conducted by Cetelem Observatory, which has been deciphering and analysing household consumption patterns in Europe for over 30 years. The study entitled "Think local, act local 2019!" was conducted under 13,800 consumers between 18 and 75 years old from 17 European countries between 27 November and 10 December 2018. Participating countries: France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia and Sweden. Per country 800 persons were questioned.

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