The new SPA® Fruit: Healthier and Natural

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With the warm spring and summer temperatures, it is especially important that you stay hydrated. And, as they say, variety is the spice of life. This is why you’ll be excited to hear that SPA® Fruit is now even better for you.

Recent years have seen growing momentum for healthy and natural soft drinks. The Covid crisis has only accelerated this trend. A recent survey of 1,000 Belgian consumers conducted by the Royal Federation of the Water and Soft Drinks Industry (FIEB) revealed that nearly 40% of respondents say they have been eating and drinking more healthily since the pandemic began.

More Juice for Nutriscore C

To encourage consumers to continue this movement towards healthier and more responsible soft drinks, SPA® completely revisited the recipe and range of its SPA® lemonades.

The new SPA® Fruit recipes contain less sugar (about 45% less over the entire range) and fewer calories (between 8 and 12 kcal per 100ml vs max of 19 kcal before). With even more juice (at least 10% over the whole range), the new SPA® Fruit is even tastier and now achieves Nutriscore C (up from the previous Nutriscore D). As always, SPA® lemonades contain nothing more than natural mineral water and ingredients of 100% natural origin.

Bottles 100% recyclable

In keeping with Spadel’s circular packaging commitments 2025, all SPA® Fruit bottles are 100% recyclable.

The new SPA® Fruit recipe and packaging contribute to our Source of Change 2025 targets, offering healthy drinks for our consumers which are respectful to nature. They are a testament to the ‘every step counts’ philosophy behind SPA®’s recent B Corp certification and bring us one step closer to becoming a positive impact company.

We are pleased to see that more and more consumers are opting for local, healthy and natural drinks, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, says Bart Peeters, Benelux Country Director at Spadel. ‘We were already meeting these needs with our natural mineral waters and flavoured waters, but we are now taking things a step further by also offering lemonades with much less sweetening and 100% natural ingredients.

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