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Positive Impacts in a Year of Ordeals

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Devin 2020 CSR Report Reflects Winning Approach

The events of 2020 were an incredible ordeal for people and businesses across the globe. As people, we learned and grew a lot, but more importantly, we came to realise that which matters most: taking care of ourselves and our planet. The past year also highlighted which corporate values are at the basis of long-term development and growth; the authentic ones. Devin’s strategy was tested to its fullest extent and proved it contained everything needed to face even the biggest challenges thanks to the strong team behind it. In a year of ordeals, Devin was awarded not one, not two, but three awards.

Great Place to Work

Based on feedback from employees and a detailed external audit, Devin JSC was awarded with the certificate Great Place to Work® – the highest acknowledgement for an excellent working environment in the world, which is granted under a recognised international methodology. Devin has become one among only three companies in Bulgaria who are able to share such a world-acclaimed achievement. And it matters a lot – the organisations that live up to this distinction guarantee a working environment based on credibility, respect, fairness, camaraderie and pride to be part of the team and share a set of common values.

“Close to 8 out of 10 employees said Devin is a great place to work. This high rating led to Devin being awarded with the acclaimed certificate Great Place to Work®. I can proudly say that we are among the first three companies in Bulgaria with such an international distinction, and in the FMCG sector in this country we are the first to have achieved this.” – Tanya Mladenova, Human Resource Director

Best New Product

On a national level, Devin continues to be a trailblazer thanks to its innovative packaging solutions. The ergonomic new design for the Devin On The Go bottle snatched up the award for “Best New Product” in the Drinks category. Its asymmetrical design means the bottle is easy to hold and the relief of its distinctive grip was reduced to create a simpler, more lightweight design in keeping with our aim to reduce our plastic footprint. The new design is just one of the many improvements to Devin’s products and facilities that helped us achieve full carbon neutrality at both company and product levels in 2020. Switching to 100% green electricity was another major milestone for the organisation.

"We are firmly committed to doing business in a sustainable way by keeping the environment top of mind. We are happy to have achieved our goal of switching to 100% green electricity for our site in 2020 and are now striving for 100% renewable energy. This is a totally new stage in our development as a market leader in bottled water that contributes to a sustainable economy." – Petya Manastirska, Sustainable Development Manager

Greenest Companies in Bulgaria

Devin mineral water comes from the heart of the Rhodope Mountains: an area of outstanding nature. Safeguarding our natural resources means using the latest technologies, optimising work processes and introducing innovative solutions. Our collaboration with BeeOdiversity is a great example of this. Beehives are kept in the protected water catchment area and the pollen collected by these bees is analysed quarterly for over 500 parameters. The annual report not only shows a complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals, it also proves quite how strong biodiversity in the region is, even establishing the presence of the protected plant species Persicaria Bistorta. This innovative approach to quality control led to Devin taking first place for “Green Idea” and “Green Initiative” in the “Greenest Companies in Bulgaria” awards.

“To be innovators but in a sustainable way; to be active in society and serve as an example of a responsible attitude to the environment: all this reflects the values and practices in the group we belong to. Spadel has strong traditions in environmental protection and some of our most remarkable projects focus on protection and development of biodiversity around the springs and habitats of all brands, including in the town of Devin.” – Borislava Nalbantova, Country General Manager

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