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CSR Strategy 2025: Towards a positive impact company

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From creating Europe’s very first protected water catchment area to exploring the very latest of technologies, pushing past the status quo is deeply ingrained in Spadel’s DNA. Franck Lecomte, Head of Innovation and Sustainable Growth at Spadel, presents the brand new CSR Strategy 2025.

Next step on our sustainability journey

“Spadel has always been a champion of responsible entrepreneurship, but we want to keep pushing the envelope,” says Franck. “The world is continuously evolving; new issues arise which in turn drive innovation. Climate has gone to the top of the global agenda, COVID-19 has highlighted the impact of our reliance on products from overseas… Consumers increasingly look to companies to provide the solutions that will help save our world. Our new CSR Strategy 2025 takes all these issues and more into account.”

“We first took a structured approach to CSR in 2010 and have achieved pretty much achieved all the targets we’ve set ourselves since. Perhaps the most emblematic one is carbon neutrality. Ten years ago this was still very much a dream. Similarly, being recognised for platinum standard water management was a first in the industry. Protecting our springs – and linked to this biodiversity – is highly relevant to our stakeholders. The success of our 10 sustainable packaging commitments, launched in 2019, highlights the importance of not only being a thought leader, but being an industry pioneer.”

Source of Change: Local Water for a Better Tomorrow

“Our new CSR strategy 2025 is built around four pillars and 12 platforms aiming to become a B Corp. Pillar ‘Green’ is about how we transition towards zero carbon production, circular packaging and restoring natural habitats. Pillar ‘Pure’ stands for our commitment to provide consumers with the purest water and respecting nature.”

Our third and fourth pillars are ‘local’ and ‘together’. “We’ve always been a local brand and anchoring our presence in the countries in which we operate is a big part of being a socially responsible company. But only together can we ensure a safe, engaging workplace and create local impact. Our partnerships are at the heart of this. We want to be recognised as a great place to work, and are committing to investing 5% of profits in local communities.”

Franck Lecomte, Head of Innovation and Sustainable Growth at Spadel

B Corp as our compass towards a positive impact company

“Approved Science Based Targets linked to the Paris Climate Agreement set the framework in which we operate, but our goal is to be a positive impact company and become B Corp certified. To make sure our new CSR Strategy covers all aspects of responsible entrepreneurship, we consulted more than 50 stakeholders from our various markets. Their input has been invaluable because it means we are not just departing from our own corporate ambitions, but have been able to integrate a fresh and critical view. We’re confident on the topics and targets that we’ve set, no matter how ambitious they are.”

“B Corp might not be as well known by the European consumer, but this global movement is gaining momentum. It unites companies that recognise they have great power and want to use this as a force for good. The definition of sustainability has changed over the years. It’s gone from ‘doing less bad’ to actually ‘doing good’ and this is something we are hugely invested in. The challenges humanity faces are enormous and we believe that the decade between 2020 and 2030 has to be one of action and impact. Above all, we want to be part of the solution.”

“Becoming B Corp certified means meeting the highest of standards with regards to transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance. We hope to be certified as soon as possible, but of course it is a journey. One we look forward to making together with all our stakeholders because partnerships and co-creation are the solid foundation on which our activities are built. We welcome all ideas that will help us change our business towards a positive impact company.”

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