Our waters are the heart of Spadel. We share an inherent connection with our natural resources and are responsible for safeguarding their future. With Source of Change® we make the commitment that in 2025, when you drink one of our local natural based products, it will be healthy for you and our planet, as well as fully circular.

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We can't do it alone. We believe in co-creation, knowledge sharing and the power of the community. If you have an idea that will help us revolutionise consumer goods, then join the Source of Change®!

building a better future

Recognized by many as a pioneer of sustainable development in Europe, Spadel has long championed ambitious climate actions. A business model based on the preservation of quality natural mineral water, Spadel brands have always expressed a strong local commitment.  Favouring low food miles with low ecological impact, protecting biodiversity and investing in local partnerships.  

However, new sustainability challenges appear with regards to a more circular economy. Spadel shares the concern of the environmental impact of its packaging. As such action has been taken to develop the ‘Source of Change®’ packaging commitments 2025, which are clustered around 4 pillars: Reinvent, Reduce, Recycle and Restore.