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CSR Report 2023 Out Now

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Transparency and accountability are essential elements of any sustainability policy. In addition to providing regular news updates through this platform, Spadel annually discloses the advancements of its strategy in accordance with the GRI reporting framework.

Halfway to our 2025 objectives, Spadel is on track to achieving most of its targets. This report highlights some of the key achievements and challenges.

In 2023, important steps were made on packaging with the launch of the 10L Eco Pack in Belgium and the 5L in France. The rollout of the attached cap started, preventing litter and boosting recycling. The Positive Impact Day which encourages volunteering, made a strong comeback after a decline during the Covid years.

The year 2023 was also pivotal in laying the groundwork for the future. In December, Spadel submitted its updated SBTi targets, to align with the net-zero framework. Invesments were made in three promising Belgian start-ups through The Source, Spadel’s venture capital fund. Additionally, preparations began for the CSRD reporting requirements, which Spadel will now adhere to.

The report 2023 is available in English, French and Dutch and can be found at the bottom of the Our CSR Approach section.

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Green Pure Local Together

CSR Report 2023 Out Now

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