Further reducing our plastic and carbon footprint
is simply the next step in a long line of positive actions as we work
towards zero net emissions and halting global warming.

15% less plastic packaging

We will reduce the weight of our single use plastic footprint by 15% in the lead up by 2025. As an intermediate target, we’re aiming for a 5% reduction by 2022. In order to calculate our plastic footprint, we use the Plastic Disclosure Project guidelines as a reference framework.

The Plastic Disclosure Project is a global initiative to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste. It provides guidelines to companies to report on and disclose their plastic footprint, similar to the carbon disclosure project. These guidelines will help us lower our use of raw materials and our environmental impact.

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Illustration 15% less plastic packaging

Illustration 42% less CO2 emissions

42% less CO2 emissions

Spadel is committed to reducing its total CO2 emissions by 42% in 2030 compared to 2015. By 2050 we want to achieve zero net emissions. The international Science Based Targets Initiative provides us with the framework for defining our carbon reduction targets, allowing us to play our part in the global journey to stabilise climate change up to 1,5°C.

The aim is to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. Our plants have been carbon neutral since 2015, now we work to extend this across our entire supply chain, including packaging. We are on track to reaching our target for 2020. Additionally, we’ll reduce our total Product Environmental Footprint by 60% in 2030, versus 2015.

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