Devin leads the way with large reusable format

One important route to eliminating the need for single-use packing is increasing our reusable formats. These are packaging solutions that are used more than once before being discarded and/or recycled. After use, they are cleaned and refilled.

Most people know returnable glass bottles, as used by SPA®, Bru® and Carola. Devin offers another format, made of polycarbonate. This comes in a 19L size and works via a dispenser system. Devin delivers these bottles at home or at the office. After collection, bottles are washed, refilled and receive a new life. A typical bottle can be reused up to 24 times.

This gives the 19L some important environmental advantages over other formats and materials. Typically, the CO2 footprint is used to express the environmental performance of a product. In each stage of the life cycle of the product its carbon emissions are calculated, resulting in an overall CO2 score.

Another way of ranking a product is the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). Promoted by the European Commission, it offers a total score based on 16 environmental criteria, of which carbon emissions are just one.

Why is this relevant? When we look at both the CO2 footprint and the PEF score, this large reusable format scores best out of all packaging at Spadel. Introducing this large format in our other markets is therefore an interesting option that is currently being explored.