Improved recycling with new label for BRU

The iconic BRU® bottle and its paper label are instantly recognisable to all lovers of sparkling water.  Yet we are choosing to replace the paper label with one made from OPP: Oriented Poly Propylene. 

The choice was an easy one for the Spadel brand as OPP can be recycled along with the PET bottle. Paper labels on the other hand make the recycling process more complex. “We urgently need to start looking at plastic differently,” says Bart Peeters, Country Director at Spadel Benelux.

“Instead of viewing it as a disposable product, it’s important to understand that plastic has an almost endless lifespan. When we recycle it properly it becomes an invaluable material in the circular economy.”

The new OPP label means both the PET bottle and its OPP label can go into the blue PMD bag for recycling. It’s just one more step on the road to closing the materials loop and transitioning to a fully circular economy. BRU® and the other Spadel brands are committed to relying on 100% recyclable packaging by 2025 at the latest.