Wattwiller lowers carbon footprint by almost 20%

same natural mineral water, now with less packaging

At Wattwiller, we’ve always placed sustainable development at the heart of our corporate mission.  Offering healthy hydration, drawing water without exhausting its source, protecting biodiversity and reducing our environmental footprint is what Wattwiller is committed to every day.

“We’re always looking for ways to further reduce our plastic footprint across the entire Wattwiller range,” says Valérie Siegler, General Manager at Wattwiller, France.  “Since 1993, we’ve managed to reduce the weight of our bottles by 20%, as well as the thickness of our packaging films.  We were also the first water brand in France to launch a packaging film made from 100% recycled material.”

“Continuous improvement is an ongoing process that sees our R&D department, operation and marketing teams allied to raw material suppliers work closely together. These collaborations have given rise to concrete actions that have enabled us to reduce our global greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions per liter by 18% between 2010 and 2018.”

“Consumers are increasingly aware and concerned about the ecological impact of consumption.  An environmentally responsible SME who is sensitive to sustainable development and environmental impact is a purchasing factor for many consumers.  This is something we keep at the forefront of our minds when developing new products and ranges.”

“Looking forward, we’ll be keeping a close eye on technical developments that will help us to continue reducing our environmental impact, reducing the plastic quality used in our packaging without compromising our products quality.”